Grimwater Coulee

Can the heroes camp safely for the night?

Information Gathering: Passing over Purstal, not a single thing is moving, it is a ruin. Alhanna camps well outside of the city. A DC 17 History check will reveal information about Purstal.

Challenge: Run the Expedition to Castle Ravenloft.

Source(s) of Conflict: See adventure

Celebration: If the heroes avoid the city, they get a good nights rest. If they can get through an undead city, they can get the following magic item (from the center of the city):
Red Dragon Heart Talisman. A black fibrous mass of hardened tissue, is as hard as stone. It resembles a shriveled, shrunken heart, which has been affixed to a silver chain (however, it is about 3 sizes too big), allowing it to be worn as an amulet. As an action this talisman can be activated for 1 minute, during which the wearer has immunity to fire damage, and resistance to cold damage. Once activated, this property cannot be used until the next morning.

Failure: The heroes become the undead, and must live the rest of their days as an undead army.

Plains of Dust

Grimwater Coulee

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