Information Gathering:


Source of Conflict:



This scene occurs on evening of the fifth night. You can read or paraphrase the following:
The ground desceds suddenly into brackish, black water. The gnarled roots of twisted trees straddle the muck. Bizarre crystal formations jut up from the water.
The Situation: The heroes have reached the Swampmire just west of Silvanost. It will take at least a day to trudge east through the muddy, slime-infested swamp to reach Quinaresti.
Development: If the heroes investigate the crystal formations they will discover that the crystals show them looking like zombies with gray emaciated skin and diseased flesh.
In the far distance, a strange melody floats on the sickly green fog. Indistinct voices can be heard singing and lights can be seen dancing. The singing is coming from a group of will-o-wisps that will follow the heroes through the swamp, but always remain just out of direct sight.

The Bleeding Woods


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