The Bleeding Woods

The trees of fabled Silvanesti have hideously changed.
The soul of every tree appears to be trapped in torment, imprisoned within the trunk. The twisted branches of the tree are the limbs of its spirit, contorted in agony. The grasping roots claw the ground in a hopeless attempt to flee. The sap
of the living tree flows from huge gashes in the trunk. The rustling of its leaves is a cry of pain and terror. The trees of Silvanesti weep blood.
Cries of pain and anguish can be heard in the distance and the smell of death and blood are in the air. A green fog floats through the trees above and settles a foot off the ground slowly crawling across the ground. Here and there dark forms move through the fog causing it to swirl in agitation.

Places to Visit

Abandoned Elven Settlement
River of Tears
Tears Crossing
Tears Parting
Tears Meeting

Random Encounters

Every 3 hours; 20% chance of encounter.
d% Encounter %illusion
01-05 Elf on Fire 10%
06-14 Dragonbrood Dreamwraiths 100%
15-39 Undead Warriors 50%
40-44 Groaning Spirits* 30%
45-51 Murderous Pixies* 0%
52-54 Catoblepads* 50%
55-60 Arcane Ooze* 10%
61-69 Drowning Children* 20%
70-84 Dream Beast 10%
85-97 Visions of Madness
98-00 Dreaming Death

Things that happen

Verminaard – Morning of the 2nd day
Otherself – Evening of the 2nd day
Tears on the River – When players are within view of tears meeting
Dryad Grove – Only if Dreamshadows from Otherself perish
Waylorns Dream – 3rd night in the woods
Shalost Encounter – 4th day
Little Child Lost – Shortly after the heroes pass Shalost
Land of the Ancestors – Any time between Shalost and the final scene in Quinaresti
Swampire – Evening of the 5th night.
Cyan Sky – If the heroes have been stuck in the forest for more than a week.
Quinaresti – Morning of the 6th day.

Into the Nightmare

The Bleeding Woods

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