Arcane Ooze


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As the heroes march through the fetid swamp they tread upon an arcane ooze lying at the bottom of the bog. The encounter should only occur in the Swampmire or near the river where the heroes are forced to travel through low-lying water.
The Situation: The arcane ooze encountered here was created by desperate Silvanesti wizards in their vain attempts to stem the Nightmare’s expansion. The ooze proved to be too powerful for the elven wizards and escaped into the Nightmare seeking its source to feed on. When the heroes approach the ooze, it will sense a more ready meal and lash out and attempt to feed. The ooze is currently lurking in the murky waters, hoping to catch some prey unawares.
Creatures: One arcane ooze. There is a 10% chance this will only be illusionary.
m Arcane ooze: hp 202, see page 230
Tactics: The arcane ooze instinctively attacks the nearest creature capable of spellcasting, if they are within 60 feet
of it. If no such spellcasting creature is within range, it will attack the nearest hero attacking it. If the ooze cannot sense a spellcaster within range, it remains in battle for three rounds before retreating into the murky water.
If there is a spellcasting hero within 60 feet of the arcane ooze, it remains in battle, siphoning off arcane spell energy for as long as it can and will only retreat if reduced to under a quarter of its hp.

The Bleeding Woods

Arcane Ooze

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