Cyan Sky


Information Gathering:


Source of Conflict:



Run this encounter if the heroes remain in the forests for more than a week:
he ground descends suddenly into brackish, black
water. The gnarled roots of twisted trees straddle
You hear a terrible sound approaching you through the dim green mists. It is the sound of creaking tendons and the flapping of huge, leathery wings. Fear closes a cold hand around your heart. The horrible sounds grow louder and louder. Frantically, you stare up into the treetops, but the mist obscures everything. Suddenly, a great darkness forms amid the greenish fog above.
The Situation: Cyan Bloodbane, the green dragon of Silvanesti, decides that it is time he dealt with these heroes directly.
Creatures: Cyan Bloodbane, green dragon.
m Cyan Bloodbane, green dragon: hp 442, see page 228 Tactics: Cyan’s purpose is not to kill the party, but to
inflict damage and slow them down. The dragon’s frightful presence kicks in automatically at the beginning of the encounter; call for Will saving throws before anything
else happens. Cyan plans for the Dreamwraiths and Dreamshadows to trap the heroes in his dream. As such, he will not use his breath weapon, though he will cast spells. He prefers ranged spells targeted on the heroes while he flies above them. This keeps him out of reach of the party’s melee attacks.

The Bleeding Woods

Cyan Sky

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