Dragonbrood Dreamwraiths


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The heroes are hunted by nightmare creations of Cyan Bloodbane.
The Situation: Most of the Dreamwraiths encountered in the Nightmare are drawn from Lorac’s subconscious. Dragonbrood, however, are creations from the green dragon Cyan Bloodbane that has taken hold of Lorac’s mind. They appear to be conjured directly from the greenish fog that can be found throughout the bleeding woods. Each dragonbrood looks like a cross between a crocodile and a green dragon with red glowing eyes.
Creatures: The number of dragonbrood increases with each time this encounter is run. The heroes will encounter six the first time it is run, then an additional 1d4+1 each additional encounter (EL 14).
m Dreamwraith dragonbrood (6 or variable): hp 45 each, see page 235
Development: Since the heroes will see the dragonbrood form from the green mists, it is likely that the heroes will take it as a clue that they are illusionary. Of course, anyone taking damage from a dragonbrood will not be able to resist the illusion. Since they can only make one check as a group, if one member takes damage and the others succeeded at the check then they will have to assist their companion in fighting off the illusionary creatures. They will take no damage but their companion is still susceptible to the illusion.

The Bleeding Woods

Dragonbrood Dreamwraiths

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