Dream Beast


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The Nightmare creates all manner of twisted creatures that attack the heroes.
The Situation: The heroes are attacked by nightmare creatures. The exact description of these creatures is left up
to the DM as they are usually comprised of different animals fused together. Some examples may be a wolf with snakes growing out of its body, a stag with bloody claw-like hands in place of antlers, a black panther with elven faces screaming in agony from the sides of its body, or a large toad with multiple whip-like tongues. Each dream creature should be unique and the stuff of nightmares.
Creatures: Various convoluted dream beasts. All dream beasts are illusionary.
m Dreamwraith dream beasts (2 or more): hp 43 each, see page 235
Tactics: The attacks from dream beasts should occur in
a number of different fashions. They may drop out of trees,
or stalk the heroes for hours before closing in. Each group of dream beasts should be used to illustrate the horrific nature of the dreamscape. If the heroes happen to suggest any odd creature that you believe may fit this role feel free to throw it at them, just to let them know that the Nightmare is listening.

The Bleeding Woods

Dream Beast

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