Drowning Children


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The heroes discover a group of drowning elven children. The Situation: This encounter needs to be run in a
region that has water, like the Swampmire or the river. The Nightmare crafted the illusion of three drowning elven children over the form of three large water elementals. The children are floundering in the water, flailing their arms, and yelling for help in elven. It’s apparent that if the heroes do not react quickly the children will surely die.
Creatures: Three large water elementals. There is a 20% chance that the entire encounter may be illusionary and the water elementals do not actually exist.
m Large Water Elementals (3): hp 68 each, see Monster Manual
Tactics: The water elementals will attempt to grapple any creature foolish enough to come near them. They will not rise out of the water to attack anyone on the shore, they will only focus their attacks on anyone in the water and will attempt to grapple and drown them.

The Bleeding Woods

Drowning Children

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