Dryad Grove


Information Gathering:


Source of Conflict:



If the Dreamshadow heroes in the Otherself scene perish before telling the heroes about Shalost, this is an alternate scene that can provide that information.
The Situation: The woman is a dryad. When she sights the heroes, she will flee into the woods, if possible. Here, there will be eight more dryads who will assist her. The dryads lived for many centuries as caretakers of the vast wilderness of trees in the Silvanesti lands.
Creatures: Nine distraught dryads.
m Dryads (9): hp 14, see Monster Manual
Tactics: Dryads are ordinarily kind and loving creatures.
Now, however, their woods are under attack by forces they cannot hope to understand. Therefore, they consider all intruders to be enemies of both themselves and their trees. They will use all their cunning and charm to capture those who enter the woods by making heavy use of their charm person and deep slumber spell-like abilities.
Development: The dryads will release any heroes they have charmed if they are convinced that the heroes are here to save their forest rather than harm it. The dryads will direct the heroes to Shalost (Waylorn’s Tower), telling them that a great man of ancient times lives there. He is wise and may be able to help them. The dryads know the way to the tower and will take the heroes there by the most direct route that the Nightmare will allow.

The Bleeding Woods

Dryad Grove

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