Elf on Fire


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The heroes happen upon a poor elf that is on fire!
The Situation: The Nightmare has randomly opened gates to other planes of existence, allowing elementals to
cross over into the Silvanesti Forests. A huge fire elemental passed through into the Nightmare realm and is exceedingly frustrated that it has been unable to burn anything. The Nightmare has rendered the image of an elf burning alive
at the center of the fire elemental. To onlookers it appears as though an elf is screaming and pleading for help while a massive fire rages around him.
Creatures: One huge fire elemental, although there is a 10% chance that the creature is actually only illusionary.
m Greater fire elemental: hp 178, see Monster Manual
Development: If the heroes attempt to rescue the burning elf the elemental will attack. To anyone believing the illusion, it will appear as though the fire is coming from the burning man and they may not recognize it as an actual attack. If
they try to avoid the man he will follow them pleading for assistance. If anyone disbelieves the illusion they will realize that the elf is an illusion and recognize the creature for what it truly is.

The Bleeding Woods

Elf on Fire

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