Groaning Spirits


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The heroes are hounded by groaning spirits.
The Situation: Two evil elven souls tormented by the
Nightmare are drawn to the living creatures of the forest. They will fly low through the trees moaning and lamenting their fate. When they reach the heroes they will torment them by telling them that they will never reach the city of Nightmares alive. They will attempt to plant seeds of doubt by claiming that someone in the party is going to betray them.
Creatures: Two troublesome groaning spirits. There is a 30% chance that the spirits are only illusionary.
m Elven groaning spirits (2): hp 39, see page 236
Tactics: The spirits start out as an annoyance, trailing the heroes and taunting them. They will continue to do so as long as the heroes do not attack. Once the heroes threaten them, one of the spirits will fly overhead and use their keening wail to frighten the heroes and scatter them into the forest and away from one another. Then they will follow any panicked hero they feel is the weakest into the forest to attack.

The Bleeding Woods

Groaning Spirits

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