Land of the Ancestors


Information Gathering:


Source of Conflict:



This scene can occur any time between Shalost and before the heroes reach the final scene of Quinaresti. Read or paraphrase the following:
Your path leads you suddenly into a small community of elves. Their eyes are the eyes of the hunted and the haunted. The village is nothing but a collection of hastily constructed lean-tos and huts, all clustered together as far from the woods as the small clearing will allow.
The Situation: These elves refused to leave their homeland with their brethren. They live with the Nightmare every
day. They fight the evil any way they can, but they are now convinced that only by entering the gates of their capital city can the nightmare be brought to an end.
They have tales, however, about what happens to those who pass the gates. Each one who enters the city walks his own path. Friends that appear to be with him may be only shadowy reflections in his mind. The nightmare grows more horrible. Unspeakable terrors walk the tortured streets. No two people who have passed the gate ever tell the same tale about what happened to them within, although they swear that they were never parted.
Development: The elves cannot help the heroes. All of their warriors are engaged in defending what little they have left. If the heroes have the children with them the elves will take them and care for them as best they can.

The Bleeding Woods

Land of the Ancestors

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