Little Child Lost


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This scene occurs shortly after the heroes travel beyond Shalost. You may read or paraphrase the following:
As the path ahead of you rounds a tree you see a group of ragged children holding hands and singing an elven nursery rhyme. The children seem oblivious to the horrors of the Nightmare around them.
The Situation: These real elven children are caught within a dream of their own. The group is comprised of three girls (Sulla, Voy, and Pirrah) and two boys (Ceran and Jenathas). They will not be scared of the heroes and instead believe
the heroes are comforting figures such as parents or other close relatives. They will run to the heroes and start hugging them and speaking in Silvanesti telling them all about the wonderful adventures they’ve been having.
Development: The heroes will have to determine how best to deal with the children. The children do not know where their village is and do not seem overly concerned now that the heroes are here. If there is any combat that occurs while the children are around they will sit in a circle on the ground and watch the action as if it was a play.

The Bleeding Woods

Little Child Lost

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