Murderous Pixies


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A pair of insane pixies has led a tortured dire bear into the heroes’ path.
The Situation: Two pixies, driven insane by the Nightmare, have been tormenting the animals of the forest. They recently angered a dire bear with their pestering attacks and have led it toward the heroes. Upon seeing the heroes the pixies decide to “join in the fun” as the dire bear tears into the group of heroes.
Creatures: Two troublesome fey spirits. There is a 30% chance that the spirits are only illusionary.
m Pixies (2): hp 4, see Monster Manual
m Dire Bear: hp 107, see Monster Manual
Tactics: Since the pixies are invisible and the bear was
tracking them by smell the heroes will likely assume that
the bear is alone. The pixies will use their spell-like abilities
to hinder the party during the fight. They will use lesser confusion on fighter types along with entangle on weaker looking heroes hoping to keep them rooted to the spot as the dire bear rampages through them. One of the pixies can use irresistible dance once a day as well. These pixies do not have any memory loss arrows, but they do have sleep arrows. If any hero falls asleep and is left unattended the pixies will try to find a way to attract the dire bear toward the helpless creature.

The Bleeding Woods

Murderous Pixies

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