Information Gathering:


Source of Conflict:



This encounter occurs on the evening of the second day. Read or paraphrase the following:
Shadowy forms‚ vaguely seen in the sickly green light of the dying day‚ move out of the tortured woods. As you look closer the forms appear to be…you!
The Situation: These forms are horrible Dreamshadow manifestations of the heroes themselves. Roll 2d4 to determine the number of dreamshadows encountered in this event. Determine randomly which dreamshadows heroes are represented.
Each Dreamshadow hero has the face, clothing, and equipment of the real hero, but will appear to be near death from starvation and thirst. Each has 1d4 hp remaining.
The Dreamshadow heroes state that they have been fighting day and night and have gone without food or good water for weeks. When first encountered, they will beg the heroes for food and water.
Development: If the heroes give them food and
water, the Dreamshadow heroes will tell them that a great artifact for good can be found “in the Ancient Tower that holds the Woods.” Alhana can identify this as Shalost. The Dreamshadow heroes will give specific directions as to how to reach the tower (Waylorn’s Tower) then they will leave peacefully.
If the heroes deny the Dreamshadow heroes food or water, the Dreamshadow heroes will become enraged and attack
the real heroes, claiming that the heroes are actually dream manifestations of the real heroes.
If Verminaard is with the party, the Dreamshadow heroes will attack him immediately. They will stop their attack
only if the real heroes interpose themselves between the Dreamshadow heroes and Verminaard.

The Bleeding Woods


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