River of Tears


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The Thon-Thalas is a majestic and slow moving river of wondrous beauty outside of the dream. Within the dream’s borders, however, it turns into something quite terrible. The river now consists of black, oily, bubbling waters contaminated with rotting leaves and mold. The dark water reflects the tortured trees along its banks and the green, boiling fog overhead.
Though the river moves slowly (speed 15 feet), the current will take the heroes to the city of Silvanost—if they can survive the journey. The heroes may elect to build a raft. This takes 1d4 hours for every hero the raft must carry. Thus, a raft for a party of six will require 6d4 hours to build. Make Random Encounter checks while on the river. Few of the creatures that are encountered will have the ability to fly. All creatures will appear on the bank of the river.
The river is roughly 150 yards wide at all points. The currents and eddies of the river are quite strong. A current every 100 yards or so will sweep the heroes’ raft 2d20 yards closer to the nearest shore. A DC 20 Strength check made by any hero controlling the boat will halve that distance.
In addition, the river is under the control of the dream to such an extent that when any random encounter occurs along the riverbank, there is a 40% chance that the current will shift and carry the heroes into shore, directly toward the monster.

The Bleeding Woods

River of Tears

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