Shalost Encounter


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This encounter can occur during the morning of the fourth day of the heroes’ journey through the Bleeding Woods.
The tortured wood suddenly ends at the edge of a huge, circular clearing. This clearing is not filled with the green fog that covers the rest of the land. Instead, wild flowers grow amid tall green grass covering the hill in the clearing’s center. A great, strange-looking tower stands atop the hill.
The Situation: This is Shalost, where the great druid Waylorn Wyvernsbane lies in rest under the spell of a magical sleep. The Nightmare has not been able to penetrate this grove. The heroes may rest and recuperate here. Dreamshadow heroes however continue to exist within the confines of the grove. If the heroes investigate the tower on the hill proceed to Shalost

The Bleeding Woods

Shalost Encounter

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