Can the heroes navigate the swamp?

Information Gathering:
The water here varies between one and four feet in depth with sudden drops that occur without warning.

Alhana knows. Prior to the Nightmare this swamp was nothing more than a small bog tended to by elven woodshapers and druids. Since the arrival of the Nightmare the bog has expanded to cover many more miles than it previously did.

Movement through one foot of water costs two squares of movement for every one. Moving through four feet of water costs four squares of movement to move one square. Small heroes must be carried or swim. The deep bog provides half cover to small creatures and medium creatures that crouch.

Source of Conflict:
The swamp blocks the path to the heroes destination.

The heroes stumble onto dry land, finally having made it to the end of the swamp

Any hero that gets lost in the swamp can come back as a dream shadow.

The Bleeding Woods


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