Tears on the River


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This scene should happen when the players are within view of the Tears Meeting region.
Ahead, the sound of the sobbing and wailing of many elves floats toward the heroes, mingled with the sound of the rushing waters.
The Situation: As the heroes draw nearer, they will see this river joining with another. Amid the swirling froth of the waters, several figures dance and sing on top of the waves. Their song reminds you of a child’s merry rhyme, only this has turned hollow and strange.
Development: Three suffering spirits of elven women have been caught by the Nightmare and are condemned to dance endlessly upon the waters. When they tire of their dance they begin to sink and drown, only to be drawn forth from the waters to continue the dance again.
The only way to relieve the spirits’ suffering is to successfully turn them with positive energy. Each spirit is treated as a three HD undead creature. If the heroes are traveling by river they may only have a few rounds to react before they have floated away from the suffering souls.

The Bleeding Woods

Tears on the River

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