Undead Warriors


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The heroes are accosted by undead elven warriors.
The Situation: The Nightmare has raised the dead of Silvanesti and combined them with Lorac’s worst fears to
create legions of undead elven warriors, both illusionary and real. The skeletal warriors dressed in ancient elven armor stalk through the forests of Silvanesti looking for innocent creatures to assault.
Creatures: 10 skeletal warriors and one undead elven leader. There is a 50% chance that these will be illusions and not actual undead.
m Elven skeletal warriors (10): hp 30, see page 236
m Elven skeletal warrior leader: hp 57, see page 236 Tactics: If the undead warriors are illusions they will first
target any Dreamshadow heroes in the party. If the undead are not illusions their leader will command them to attack any elf or anyone openly bearing a holy symbol of any kind. Either way, once the real heroes begin to attack the undead warriors will turn to attack them as well.

The Bleeding Woods

Undead Warriors

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