Information Gathering:


Source of Conflict:



On the morning of the second day you may read or paraphrase the following:
The dim light of dawn filters through the prevading fog, outlining a huge man covered in armor and a dragon helm. His powerful muscles are drawn taut‚ his face is hidden beneath the hideous mask.
The Situation: The dead Dragon Highlord Verminaard has come to the party for aid. He offers to help the party because he, too, is trapped in this great nightmare and wants only to escape.
Creatures: Dreamshadow of the Dragon Highlord Verminard.
m Dreamshadow Verminaard: hp 43, see page 235
Development: Verminaard is actually a Dreamshadow emissary of the green dragon Cyan, called up from the memories of the heroes. Verminaard believes he knows the road to Silvanost and will offer to help the heroes get there, saying that this will end his imprisonment.
If the heroes accept his help, Verminaard will, in fact, lead them along the most direct route to the Silvanost. He will accompany the party into the city, only to turn on them once inside the Tower of the Stars. As a Dreamshadow under direct control of the dragon, he will be able to discern which of the Heroes in the city are the real heroes and, unlike most Dreamshadow enemies, he will seek to destroy them himself once inside.
If the heroes attack Verminaard, he will use all of his powers to defeat them. His attacks are, however, illusionary.

The Bleeding Woods


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